How to use BRP’s in-game radio:
New to the server and unable to find or use our in-game radio, follow these easy steps!

  • Press the buttons “Shift” and “F2” (If you are on a 60% or less keyboard type /radio in the chat!)
  • Once you have the menu open you want to press your “ENTER key” this will enable you to go to a set channel Fq of your choice
  • Once you have set a channel you need to turn the radio on by pressing the “E key” and then closing the menu by doing either /radio or “Shift” and “F2”

Now that you have your radio set up, we need to set a key bind so you are able to speak with ease!

  • Open FiveM game settings (ESCAPE key)
  • Go to “Settings” -> “Key bindings” -> “FiveM”
  • Make sure the “Primary” key bind for “(pma-voice) Talk over Radio” is set to a key of your choice.

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