How to use ARE (Advanced Roleplay Enviroment)

Are you wondering how to use Blaine Roleplays new death system? Well here is a quick tutorial on everything you need to know!

What is it?

ARE is a diagnostic medical script which completely transforms the way injuries, death, healing, and medical treatment work in the server. The ARE script works by automatically detecting injuries registered by the game’s mechanics. In other words, if you shoot someone, the injury will be detected by the script. Through the ARE interactive treatment menu, an overview of the player’s health status is listed in the form of a live anatomical diagram which changes visually as injuries appear, heal, or worsen.

How does it work?

To open the ARE menu, press H on your keyboard. If you are treating yourself, press Y.

When a player is injured, part of the live anatomical diagram will be highlighted in red or pink, indicating that an injury is present. By selecting the injury, and applying treatment in the form of bandages, drugs, infusions, and so forth, the player’s injuries will either heal, or worsen.

If injuries become too severe, death is possible. Standard lifesaving measures, such as CPR and defibrillation, are available in the treatment menu.

What functions am I allowed to use?

Only use treatment methods in which you would realistically have access, and are trained to use. All law enforcement officers in the server are trained to provide CPR and basic first aid. This includes initiating CPR, using bandages to stop bleeding, and administering intranasal naloxone (Narcan®) in cases of suspected opioid overdose. Do not use medications or treatment techniques that you are not authorized to use. We will periodically audit script records to ensure you are following standard operating procedures.

Bottom line? If you don’t know what it does, and you don’t know how to use it, don’t use it, since you might kill them unintentionally.

Death and Respawning:

Once a player goes unconscious, they have the option to dial 911, or respawn after a set amount of time. If a person is RDM’d, VDM’d, or if the death occurred under circumstances unrelated to RP purposes, you can use the RDM/VDM revive kit in the treatment menu. Intentional misuse of this function will result in punishments leading up to and including a ban from the server.


We hope this this provides an adequate summary of what the ARE script does, and the basics of how it works. We encourage you to play around with the script to familiarize yourself with the menu. For a more detailed look at specific functionality and medical treatment techniques, watch the following training video. This video provides basic info on how to use the script. It is designed for SAFR Emergency Medical Technicians, but everyone can still learn from its content. If you have any questions, just speak to a member of SAFR.

How to find your FiveM in-game phone number? (NPWD)

Have you been asked to find your in-game phone number and your not sure how to find your in-game phone number? Watch this video and follow these easy steps!

Step 1: Join the Blaine Roleplay Server on FiveM.
Step 2: Once you have loaded in do /phone or hit your O key on your keyboard. This will open your phone.
Step 3: Select the Setting application on your in-game phone by left clicking it.
Step 4: Your in-game phone number will appear on your screen.
Step 5: Share you in-game phone number out to your friends for better communication!

Commands and Keybinds in BlaineRP

New to the server and not sure what command or keybind to use? Here is a list of them!

– /ooc (Message) -> Out of character message.
– /loc (Message) -> Local out of character message.
– /me (Message) -> In-Character message.
– /gme (Message) -> In-Character global message.
– /911 (Call Description) -> Making a 911 call / Calling LSPD / SAFR.
– /311 (Call Description) -> Making a 311 call / Calling for a Tow and Roadside Assistance.
– /report (ID) (Reason) -> Make a report on a player to staff member.
– /dv – Deletes Vehicle.
– /cycleproximity -> Change Voice Range (Whisper, Normal or Shouting)
– /hudoptions – Allows you to edit our HUD to fit your preferrences.
– /emotemenu -> Opens the emote menu.
– /binoculars -> Opens the binoculars.
– /postal (####) -> Places GPS waypoint to specific postal.
– /phone -> Opens the phone.
– /crutch -> Pulls out a walking crutch.
– /huk -> Places hands on head and gets on knees.
– /e (Emote) -> Plays Emote.
– /e c -> Cancels Emote.
– /pointing -> Points Finger emote.
– /handsup -> Handsup emote.
– /crouch -> Crouch.
– /crawl -> Prone / Crawl.
– /th -> Takes nearest player hostage.
– /carry -> Carrys nearest player.
– /radio -> Brings up the in-game radio.
– /vol (0-100) -> Increases or Decreases volume on radio.
– /shuff -> Shuffles Seat in which the player is sitting in when in a vehicle.
– /seat <1,2,3,4 etc> -> Shuffles Seat when sitting in a vehicle
– /hood -> Opens vehicles hood.
– /trunk -> Opens vehciles trunk.
– /engine -> Turns vehicle engine on or off.
– /fldoors -> Opens vehicles front left doors.
– /frdoors -> Opens vehicles front right doors.
– /rldoors -> Opens vehicles rear left doors.
– /rrdoors -> Opens vehicles rear right doors.
– /flwindow -> Opens vehicles front left window.
– /frwindow -> Opens vehicles front right window.
– /rlwindow -> Opens vehicles rear left window.
– /rrwindow -> Opens vehicles rear right window.
– /idlecamon -> Enables Idle Camera.
– /idlecamoff -> Disables Idle Camera.
– /anchor -> Retracts and Attracts Anchor when in a boat.
– /id -> Enables / Disables player ID’s.
– /money -> Opens money menu.
– /paycash -> Gives someone cash.
– /paybank -> Gives some money through debit / credit card.
– /makeitrain -> Gives someone cash with a cool animation.
– /paymecash -> Request cash payment from a player.
– /paymecard -> Requests devit / credit payment from a player.
– /breakcuffs -> (When holding pliers) Breaks a player cuffs.
– /ad -> Check out this tutorial for more information! ( How to use /ad in FiveM – )
– /attach -> Check out this tutorial for more information! ( How to tow in FiveM using /attach – )
– /detach -> Check out this tutorial for more information! ( How to tow in FiveM using /attach – )

– L -> Ragdoll.
– O -> Phone.
– X -> Handsup.
– B -> Points Finger.
– Z -> Shows Money HUD.
– Y -> Opens personal medical menu.
– H -> (When next to another player) Opens other player medical menu.
– F9 -> (Whilst in a vehicle) Opens Car Radio.
– K -> Change Weapon Firing Mode. (Full-Auto, Semi-Auto, Burst or Safety)
– K (When in a vehicle) -> Puts seatbelt on.
– Right Ctrl -> Prone / Crawl.
– Left Ctrl -> Crouch.
– U -> Player Clothing Menu.
– M (Whilst in a vehicle) -> Opens Vehicle Menu.
– PgUp -> Addon Vehicle Spawn Menu.
– F1 -> vMenu.
– G or F11 -> Change Voice Range. (Whisper, Normal or Shouting)
– Shift + F2 -> Brings up the in-game radio.
– T -> Opens chat.
– LShift + A -> (Whilst in a vehicle) Resets Airbags.
– CAPS -> (Whilst in a vehicle) Enables and Disables Cruise Control.

How to use /ad in FiveM

New to the server and not sure how to use /ad? Do these commands in the chat!

– /Classified (Blaine County Classified Ads)
– /ad taxi (Taxi)
– /ad tow (Blaine County Towing)
– /ad uber (Uber)
– /ad hospital (Hospital)
– /ad flywheels (FlyWheels Garage | Postal 3037)
– /ad burgershot (BurgerShot | Postal 3021)
– /ad tattoo (Tattoo Parlor)
– /ad 247 (24/7)
– /ad BCSB (Blaine County Savings Bank | Postal 1055)
– /ad ONeils (O’Neils Ranch | Postal 2027)
– /ad barber (Barbers)
– /ad LTD (LTD)
– /ad UNA (Up-n-Atom Burger | Postal 2017)
– /ad cnb (Cluckin’ Bell | Postal 4020
– /ad ammunation (Ammu-Nation)
– /ad Willies (Willies Supermarket | Postal 1053)
-/ad dvmad (Dream View Motel | Postal 2024
-/ad larrysrv (Larry’s RV Sales | Postal 4026
– /ad ace (Ace Liquor | Postal 6185
– /ad Tequila (Tequi La-La | Postal 6185)
– /ad gruppe6 (Gruppe Sechs Security)
– /ad BMC (Bean Machine Coffee)
– /ad hmrepair (Harmony Repairs | Postal 4025
– /ad irish (O’Rourkes Pub | Postal 7294)
– /ad THD (The Hunters Den Bar | Postal 2019)
– /ad LLS (Lock & Load Security)
– /ad yellowjack (Yellow Jack Inn | 3045)
– /ad LTDiner (Last Train Diner | 6181)
– /ad WP (Los Santos Water & Power)
– /ad smotel (Sandy Shores Motel | Postal 3036)

How to find your ban ID on FiveM

Have you been banned from a FiveM server and your not sure how to find your ban ID? Follow these easy steps!

Step 1: Start to join the FiveM server you have been from.
Step 2: If your banned from the server a menu will pop up, if you load into the server fully you are not banned.
Step 3: On this menu, look for your Ban ID it will look like this – BFBH-S82W.
Step 4: Give your Ban ID to a staff member in either a unban form or ticket.

How to use a flatbed in FiveM

New to the server and unable to find or use our rolling flatbed script?, follow these easy steps!


E – At bed to attach / detach vehicle (Useable in vehicle on bed as well)
Left Arrow – Attach, Wind winch
Right Arrow – Unwind winch
Up Arrow – Raise Bed (Automatic, click once)
Down Arrow – Lower Bed (Automatic, click once)
G – Remove Rope

If these key binds don’t work, the controls are configurable via in-game key bindings menu:

Video Tutorial:

How to tow in FiveM using /attach

New to a server and unable to find or use our attach script?, follow these easy steps!

  • Go up to a vehicle and type /attach or /attach driveon
  • Select the tow vehicle, and then vehicle to be towed with the “Enter Key”
  • Follow on screen instructions to position the vehicle
  • Repeat for as many vehicles as you would like to attach
  • When ready to detach a vehicle, type /detach near a tow vehicle and the vehicle will detach in the reverse order they were attached.

    Video Tutorial:

How to use in-game radios on FiveM

How to use BRP’s in-game radio:
New to the server and unable to find or use our in-game radio, follow these easy steps!

  • Press the buttons “Shift” and “F2” (If you are on a 60% or less keyboard type /radio in the chat!)
  • Once you have the menu open you want to press your “ENTER key” this will enable you to go to a set channel Fq of your choice
  • Once you have set a channel you need to turn the radio on by pressing the “E key” and then closing the menu by doing either /radio or “Shift” and “F2”

Now that you have your radio set up, we need to set a key bind so you are able to speak with ease!

  • Open FiveM game settings (ESCAPE key)
  • Go to “Settings” -> “Key bindings” -> “FiveM”
  • Make sure the “Primary” key bind for “(pma-voice) Talk over Radio” is set to a key of your choice.